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Whey Supremacy Standard Corgenic, the opinion of Team Nutrifirst


  • native whey
  • More muscle
  • Better recovery
  • Naturally rich in amino acids


Whey Supremacy Standardis a native whey protein with a high biological value. Manufactured by Corgenic Corporation laboratories, Whey Supremacy is obtained using the ultra-filtration process.

Its pasteurization is carried out at a temperature of 65 degrees. This low temperature makes it possible not to break the proteins so that they keep all their nutritional values.


Whey Supremacy Standard is enriched with L-Glutamine, a very abundant amino acid in the body.

Glutamine improves muscle congestion, which has a big impact on the delivery of nutrients to the muscles.


Naturally rich in BCAAs, on 100 g of Whey Supremacy Standard, there are 30 grams of BCAAs.


These make it possible to delay the onset of fatigue during training and to carry out more intensive sessions.


BCAAs play a major role in protein synthesis, they are muscle builders.


What are the benefits of Whey Supremacy Standard?


There are many of them, thanks to its composition, Whey Supremacy Standard is a whey native  which aims to improve recovery after exercise.

A dose taken after training allows the muscles to rebuild more quickly, and not to generate catabolism.


The proteins contained in Whey Supremacy Standard are among the purest on the market. They have a much more effective impact than a classic whey.


Proteins are assimilated faster, and provide better physical condition. 


Whey Supremacy Standard Corgenic Corporation, quality first


Corgenic laboratories have bet on the quality of the product. For those who care about the contents of protein jars, rest assured.

Whey Supremacy contains no GMOs, no aspartame, no scraps from the dairy industry.


We are talking about an undenatured dairy whey, and not a cheese whey where  the proteins are broken down.


Who is Corgenic Whey Supremacy Standard for?


By providing 22 grams of protein per dose, 2.4g of carbohydrates. Whey Supremacy Standard is for athletes who want to gain muscle, tone up and improve their physical condition.

For a muscle cutting cycle, it will depend on the number of carbohydrates and lipids that your diet plan requires.



Whey Supremacy Standard - Corgenic

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Reduc été

  • We advise you to takeone totwo doses right after your workout.On rest days, one pod in the morning upon waking.

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