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V-Type BCAA Corgenic


  • Promotes recovery
  • More muscle mass
  • More energy


V-Type BCAA is an amino acid formula made by the French brand Corgenic. V-Type BCAA has a ratio of 8.1.1, being in micronized powder, it can only guarantee better absorption by the muscles.


With such a high 8.1.1 ratio, BCAAs help stop the muscle catabolism that occurs after training. This specific formula contains 8250 mg of amino acids with Glutamine.

Of that 8250mg, V-Type BCAA gives you 4600mg of Leucine, which is a more than adequate dose.


In addition to a high dose, Corgenic has added  Citrulline along with Sodium and Potassium. This combination of ingredients contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system as well as to the improvement of muscle contraction during exercise.


BCAAs make it possible to carry out more intensive sessions because they delay the onset of fatigue. As they feature strong action anti-catabolic, BCAAs preserve the integrity of muscle mass.


Corgenic Laboratories designed V-Type BCAA to help you perform at your best during training.

These amino acids are of essential category, which means that the body is not able to generate them itself.


They must therefore be provided by supplementation or nutrition. V-Type BCAA contains 8 parts of Leucine, this amino acid plays a fundamental role in protein synthesis. In other words, it is Leucine that helps build muscle.


Zoom on the composition of V-Type BCAA de Corgenic


V-Type BCAA has been designed to make a difference, it is composed of two parts:


– G-COR 8:1:1 ISO BCAA BLEND: each dose provides 4600mg of Leucine

– 2500mg of Glutamine


Glutamine is a very abundant amino acid in the body, it improves congestion as well as recovery. However, glutamine is quickly depleted, during an effort, the body consumes a large amount.




This second part provides 1000 mg of citrulline as well as electrolytes. This composition is interesting because it offers a boost effect during training. Citrulline offers much better vasodilation, as well as nitric acid production.


The latter promotes congestion, which improves the assimilation and transport of nutrients by the muscles.

V-Type contains vitamin B6, which fights fatigue and improves health.


Who is the V-Type from the French brand Corgenic intended for?


Given the description above, you will understand very well, the V-Type is intended for practitioners who wish to gain muscle. V-Type BCAAs are intended to be used before, during and after training.

BCAAs improve muscle congestion, while keeping energy constant by improving post-workout recovery.


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Reduc été

  • NUTRITIONAL VALUES For 13 g (1 serving) NRV
    Combination BCAA BLEND
    L-Leucine 4600mg ***
    L-Isoleucine 575mg ***
    L-Valine 575mg ***
    L-Glutamine 2500mg **
    L-citrulline DL-malate 1000mg **
    Sodium (trisodium citrate) 236mg 9.40%
    Potassium (tripotassium citrate) 216mg 10.80%
    Vitamin B6 1mg 71.5%
    * Reference for an average adult. VNR = Nutritional Reference Values. ** VRNs not assessed. *** Essential amino acids
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