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  • Contains several essential amino acids
  • Promotes muscle anabolism
  • Improves recovery
  • Rich in BCAAs
  • Less fatigue
  • More intense training
  • More energy


EAA XPRESS from Scitec Nutrition is a solution comprising essential amino acids and BCAAs.

To better understand how EAA EXPRESS works, the amino acids it contains are the building blocks of proteins.


Once they are developed, proteins will act on the construction of muscle tissue.

The advantage of taking EAA EXPRESS lies in muscle building, but also to facilitate your recovery, thanks to BCAAs. It is an essential product to evolve when practicing bodybuilding.


EAA EXPRESS, for which sporting profile?


Whether you practice running or strength training, EAAs are very suitable, even for other sports. They have an important role in maintaining muscle energy because they avoid depleting the stock of glycogen.


For endurance athletes, the EAA will allow you to sustain the effort longer. In athletes who are passionate about bodybuilding, EEAs promote an increase in muscle mass.


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Reduc été

  • Take 10g 10 minutes before starting training. Days off, 1 dose between meals.

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