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Carbox Biotech Usa, the opinion of the Nutrifirst team


Carbox is a carbohydrate complex composed of five sources,  Maltodextrin, Fructose, Ribose, Palatinose and Dextrose. This blend is designed to improve energy and intra training congestion. The big advantage of Carbox is that it can be used just before the session without feeling bloated or feeling heavy. Biotech Usa has taken care to select good ingredients in order to acquire all the necessary performance.

Consuming Carbox allows you not to have a drop in energy during the workout, that's good to say, but explaining it is even better, let's see how.


Carbox has a low ig


Thanks to its composition of foods with a low and medium glycemic index. Its consumption preserves and increases the stock of glycogen which is none other than the carbohydrates stored in the muscles. Glycogen is a very important energy source for improving training and physical performance. It is also thanks to glycogen that we can avoid having energy drops during training. This is why we recommend preserving your stock. However, each weight training session consumes a large amount of it. Carbox allows to preserve its stock by providing carbohydrates over a long period.


Who can use Carbox from Biotech Usa  ?


The carbohydrates in Carbox are known to be effective in maintaining and improving energy. All athletes can consume Carbox, except those who follow a cycle of dryness with an extremely low level of carbohydrates.


Carbox in a few words


- Rich in 5 sources of carbohydrates

- Increases glycogen stores quickly

- Improves muscle congestion

- Promotes endurance and muscle strength

- Improves recovery during and after training

- High quality carbohydrates


Precautions for use


Keep out of reach of children, not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. To be used as part of a varied and balanced diet. Respect the recommended dosages.


Price Options
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  • Mélanger 1 dose (50 g= 1 dosette bombée = 3 cuillerées à soupe bombées) dans 300 ml de liquide ou, dans le cas de Carbox non aromatisé, avec tout liquide de votre choix. Prendre 1 dose avant et pendant l'entraînement ou la compétition.

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