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Armageddon pro 100 Addict Sport Nutrition, description by the Nutrifirst team


Armageddon Pro 100 is a lean gainer consisting of 50  % protein and 46  % of carbohydrates.

The gainer from the French brand Addict is recommended for bodybuilders who want to gain muscle, while limiting fat gain.

Its unique composition provides you with 4 sources of fast and slow diffusion protein at the same time.

Concentrated whey  is quickly assimilated and it is rich in bcaa (amino acids).

Hydrolyzed whey  offers very rapid assimilation to avoid catabolism and improve recovery.


Micellar casein  is a slow release protein that will work for up to 6 hours after training.

Whey isolate  possesses rapid assimilation as well as high quality proteins which are not broken during manufacturing.


Understanding mass gain with Armageddon 100


The French brand Addict Sport Nutrition has designed a gainer to increase daily calorie intake. The calorie surplus is necessary for the development of mass. The proteins will act on the recovery and especially the construction of muscle tissue.


Armageddon Addict brings you the necessary quantities without excess because the rate of carbohydrates is at 50  %, so as not to accumulate excess fat mass.


What you get from a dose of 100 g


Each dose brings you only the essentials, 2.5g of glutamine, 46g of carbohydrates, 9g of bcaa, 100mg of taurine.

Armaggeddon Pro 100

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  • Prendre 2 doses avec 400 ml d'eau, 2 fois par jour entre les repas.

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