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High quality sports nutrition selected by athletes

High quality or premium sports nutrition products, that's fine to say, but what are they exactly? This is surely the question you all ask yourself! We are too! So before opening we looked into this to offer you the best quality standards! If we take a good look around, there are all kinds of food supplements that we don't always know where they come from!


Precisely, we have carried out in-depth work on this subject in order to offer you reliable food supplements, certified haccp, Iso 22000, gmp, Iso 9001 etc ... This in-depth work is based on long conversations with our suppliers in relation to from the source of the raw materials.


The food supplements that are manufactured in the eastern countries as well as Germany have widely proven their effectiveness. Indeed, ingesting ingredients whose origin comes from doubtful countries would not be synonymous with "high quality". There is no point in having poor quality protein in your shaker, apart from the various problems this can cause, there is also money that is spent for nothing.

Quality of ingredients

Manufacturing processes are just as important, because if you have a very good raw material but a bad manufacturing process, the end result will be just plain bad. This is not what we want to offer you at Nutrifirst! We also relied on a lot of information from our suppliers. Such as, carrying out the microbiology tests, whether the manufacture is from a pharmaceutical factory or not.


Another element which is very interesting is the brand's desire for transparency. A jar with very little information written on it looks questionable. We can confirm that on each jar offered for sale, we know the quantity of all the ingredients (as well as the quantity of sweeteners, ...) rate of amino acids, vitamins etc ... Since everything is noted, it is also which once again shows the brand's desire for transparency.


We pay attention to unnecessary things like high sugar levels in our gainers, nothing beats good carbohydrates! In this regard, you will find the complete list of ingredients on each product sheet. We have provided you with a guide to the use of food supplements according to each category.

Ultra fine powder for best results 

Thanks to the various research and tests that we have carried out, we offer you food supplements composed of an ultra fine powder. This, being as thin as possible, offers better assimilation by the muscles. This factor is essential to support you in your sports career, in order to allow you to evolve in the best possible conditions. Better assimilation means less loss of nutrients (also money) and more results.

High-quality sports nutrition doesn't necessarily mean the prices are much higher than average. Except for certain supplements which require more expensive manufacturing processes. However, you have to keep in mind that it is impossible to have an excellent material by buying your Isolate of 1 kg 8-10 euros.

On, you will find something to satisfy the most demanding with aspartame-free, gluten-free and GMO-free supplements for people who are vegan. That's not all, we are above all athletes. You have at your disposal a blog with several articles on nutrition, bodybuilding, training techniques, ingredients, products that we are testing… etc. The blog is regularly updated, we put 1 to 2 articles online every week.

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