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Hardcore BCAA Refill 10.1.1 Sport Nutrition Addict


  • More muscle
  • Promotes recovery during and after training


BCAAs are des amino acids  essentials that the body is not able to manufacture itself.

They are therefore provided by food supplements. The three main amino acids needed to build muscle are L-Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine.

BCAAs 10.1.1 Hardcore RefillSports Nutrition Addict  contain 10 parts Leucine, 1 part Isoleucine and 1 part Valine.


These three amino acids work in synergy, Leucine is directly converted into muscle protein.

With the ten parts of Leucine contained in BCAA 10.1.1 Hardcore Recharge, muscle anabolism is much stronger.


The design uses an expensive process that makes BCAA powder ultra-microscopic. This composition is very interesting because it allows to achieve complete absorption of amino acids by muscle tissue.


To conclude, the composition of BCAA 10.1.1 allows to obtain a better anabolism, no fatigue during training, more energy, better recovery and in the end, more muscle.


Hardcore BCAA Refill

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One-time purchase
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€25.02every month until canceled
  • Take 1 dose before training, a second dose during, and a third after training.

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