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Detox Vegan Eric Favre, box of 20 sachets


Let's get straight to the point, Detox Vegan is a 100% natural herbal tea, from organic farming, its plants are certified  ORGANIC .

The famous French brand Eric Favre has designed Detox Vegan with the objective of making it the best drainer / detoxifier that facilitates the elimination of fat. For that, let's look at the composition of Detox Vegan Eric Favre.

Zoom on the composition of Detox Vegan


  • Fennel has a great diuretic action, it facilitates digestion.

  • Licorice also aids digestion, but also anti-inflammatory activity.

  • Nettle has several anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to its richness in minerals.

  • Lemon is the ally in eliminating fat. It also aids digestion.

  • Ginger contains stomachic and carminative properties. It is a great ally for eliminating fat mass.

  • Cinnamon increases the production of gastric juice, it is recommended to avoid digestive pain.


The quality of Detox Vegan


From this point of view, no worries, Detox Vegan is a 100% natural, Vegan and certified organic herbal tea. Eric Favre laboratories are demanding with regard to the good quality of the products and the origin of the raw materials.


What are the detoxifying actions?


Detox Vegan is designed for vegetarians, the objective of this product is to detoxify and purify the body, in order to facilitate the elimination of fat. In addition to promoting weight loss, this product improves the comfort of the digestive system.

Detox Vegan

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