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Cre ATINS monohydrate Olimp Sport Nutrition

Olimp Creatine Monohydrate alone is a combination of six forms of Creatine. The famous brand has added the most effective of them including the citrate, pyruvate, magnesium creatine, ethyl ester form.


To this, Olimp Nutrition has perfectly balanced the quantities in order to guarantee an immediate release of the molecules. This great combination allows you to get energy faster during training. It is ideal for those looking to lift heavy loads on labs for a relatively short time.


Who is creatine monohydrate for?  ?


All practitioners who wish to gain muscle mass and improve their physical capacities. Indeed, the monohydrate is the most suitable for building muscle mass. It is also the one that has one of the best quality. Aside from for mass gain, it is also recommended for athletes who practice endurance activity.


In order to improve the results, Olimp Sport Nutrition has added  Taurine.

Créatine monohydrate powder

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Reduc été

  • Il est conseillé de consommer une portion de 3g de créatine par jour avec un grand verre d'eau ou dans votre shaker de protéines. Vous pouvez la prendre après votre entraînement de musculation par exemple.

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