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BCAA Zero Biotech Usa


Bcaa 2.1.1 Zero designed by the Biotech Usa brand are at the 2.1.1 ratio. They have 2 parts of Leucine, an amino acid essential for the development of muscle mass. This ratio promotes recovery after training. But also during your session, the right concentration of Leucine allows you to recover better between two sets. In order to bring a slightly sweet taste, Biotech Usa has added stevia.


The Bcaa Zero are used for which discipline?


Amino acids are mainly used for bodybuilding. However, it is quite possible to use them for running, boxing, rugby, cycling… BCAAs help to push back the onset of fatigue, even during endurance activities.


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  • Nous vous conseillons de prendre une dose avant l'entraînement, une dose pendant l'entraînement, une dernière dose juste après l'entraînement. 

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