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BCAA Xplode Powder, the opinion of the Nutrifirst team


BCAA Xplode Powder  is an ultra-concentrated powdered amino acid formula. Manufactured by the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand, BCAA Xplode Powder has the 2.1.1 ratio. In order to best optimize recovery and muscle gain, Olimp Sport Nutrition has enriched them with L-Glutamine, which facilitates muscle congestion during training. L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine are so-called "essential" amino acids. This means that the body is not able to manufacture them on its own. These three amino acids must be provided by diet or supplementation. More specifically, they participate in the synthesis of proteins, which means that the  BCAA  are muscle tissue builders. The  BCAA Xplode Powder  are of pharmaceutical quality in order to guarantee an irreproachable nutritional quality and above all a healthy composition!


What are BCAAs Xplode Powder used for?


BCAAs Xplode Powder help to push back the onset of fatigue during strength training, or other activities such as trail, ultratrail, running. They also improve the speed of recovery, the faster the recovery, the better the results are guaranteed! BCAA Xplode Powder contains vitamin B6 which improves the absorption of amino acids by the body. In short, BCAAs have a strong anabolic response, they play a major role in muscle development by participating in the synthesis of muscle proteins. They make it possible to save the stock of glycogen, from where the fact of being able to carry out more advanced workouts. As far as marathoners are concerned, the intake of BCAA during the race avoids the famous 30 km wall which can block the rest of the race.


Who are Xplode Powder BCAAs designed for?


It is very simple, in general, the  BCAA  are intended for any type of athlete, whether you are a boxer, rugby player, runner, trail runner, hockey player… The BCAAs will allow you  improve your abilities,  increase your physical strength.


BCAA Xplode Powder

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