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> Special intra-training formula

> Boosts energy

> Promotes muscle recovery

> Formula 2.1.1


BCAA Xplode Energy  is a pure cocktail of amino acids, caffeine, vitamins and beta alanine. Specially designed for athletes, BCAA Xplode Energy improves endurance and intra-training recovery.

BCAAs naturally reduce fatigue during strength training sets. Caffeine improves responsiveness and cognitive functions. The mixture of the two stimulates protein synthesis and promotes the increase in muscle mass.


Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid that is becoming increasingly well known. Consumed as a supplement, it greatly improves sports performance. Once stored in muscle tissue, the accumulation of lactic acid is reduced. In practice, there is a greater focus during training and better recovery.


What does the Energy version bring?  ?


This new version of Olimp bcaa provides a total of 150 MG of caffeine, 1000 MG of beta-alanine. This mixture makes it a version "  energizing bcaa  "


Target athlete


Anyone who trains regularly every week.


BCAA Xplode Energy

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  • Nous vous recommandons de prendre une dosette 15 minutes avant de commencer l'entraînement, une deuxième pendant l'entraînement.

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