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BCAA+ Glutamine Intrafuse is the unique formula that will promote your recovery after exercise, while providing significant muscle gain.


Full Description


BCAA + Glutamine Intrafuse is an amino acid complex comprising BCAAs and L-Glutamine.

The latter is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue, but it quickly disappears during exercise.


Its presence is essential because it promotes muscle congestion, this has a direct effect on the transport of nutrients to the muscles.


BCAAs provide better recovery and more energy during training.

These are the key points to gain more muscle mass. BCAA + Glutamine Intrafuse is the perfect solution combining 2 in 1 for unbeatable value for money. 


The characteristics of BCAA + Glutamine Intrafuse


  • Ratio 2.1.1
  • Aspartame free
  • 8g of Glutamine



BCAA + Glutamine Intrafuse

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31,90 €Price

Reduc été

  • Take one serving with 300ml of water during training

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