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Bcaa 8.1.1 Zero - Eric Favre


The BCAAs 8.1.1 Zero from the French brand Eric Favre do not contain lactose, no aspartame, no nanoparticles or gluten. It is a product that is very suitable for Vegan athletes.


A high ratio for maximum efficiency


Most BCAAs are at the 2.1.1 ratio, Zero BCAAs are at the 8.1.1 ratio, they contain 8 parts of L-Leucine which greatly improve the anabolic response. Such a high ratio promotes intra and post training muscle recovery.

The micronized powder design further promotes the absorption of amino acids by the muscles.


Who can use BCAAs 8.1.1 Zero Eric Favre  ?


Any athlete can use them, although they are prioritized by bodybuilders, runners, trail runners, can use them very well. As long as they are consumed as an exercise drink during training or running.

BCAA 8.1.1 Zero

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32,90 €
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  • Prendre une dose 15 minutes avant de commencer l'entraînement, une deuxième pendant votre séance de sport.

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