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BCAA 20.1.1 Olimp Sport Nutrition, the best-selling amino acid


The bcaa 20.1.1 of the brand Olimp are designed with the sole objective of developing muscle mass. The brand has established itself as the benchmark in terms of quality and efficiency.


So what is the most BCAA 20.1.1 that Olimp offers us?  ?


The 20,1,1 ratio indicates that there is 20 times more leucine, the amino acid essential for protein synthesis and therefore for muscle building. But that's not all, this improved version contains citrulline. The latter promotes vascularization and better transport of nutrients to the muscles.


When you exercise, you use up energy, which is called a loss of glycogen. A consumption of bcaa allows the glycogen stock to be recharged more quickly. You therefore gain additional energy, and therefore, more muscles. In order to facilitate its recharging, the  BCAA 20.1.1 contain sodium  which facilitates the absorption of amino acids.


The addition of  vitamin B6 and magnesium  helps ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system, reduce fatigue and make the effort more intense. Magnesium also promotes protein synthesis.


Enrichment in  zinc  of BCAAs 20.1.1 promotes the secretion of testosterone. But these are not its only advantages, it is recognized as having a role in protein synthesis.

The bcaa 20.1.1 are composed in micronized powder which allows to obtain a total absorption of amino acids by the muscles.


To summarize, it is an effective dietary supplement to promote mass gain, recovery and obtain more energy during training. Added to this is the fact that Olimp Sport Nutrition is a demanding brand with regard to the quality as well as the origin of the raw material.

BCAA 20.1.1

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