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100% Pure Whey Biotech Usa


100  % Pure Whey is a protein powder containing concentrated whey and isolate, the protein level reaches almost 80  %.

100% Pure Whey promotes recovery by helping to increase muscle mass after exercise. To better understand the role of protein powders, read on:

Your muscles are composed of proteins, they have an essential role of renewal and growth. During the effort, you destroy a large amount of  muscle fibers. 

These fibers will rebuild and strengthen themselves by becoming bigger, and therefore make the muscle fat.  ! But to get there, your fibers will recruit proteins. This phenomenon occurs very quickly after training and it is at this time that whey intervenes, because it provides rapidly assimilable proteins.


What 100% Pure Whey Biotech Usa brings you


Each serving contains 4.6g of BCAAs, and 22g of protein and a multitude of flavors. 100  % Pure Whey from Biotech Usa does not provide you with aspartame or palm oil, no gluten, no preservatives, what more could you ask for  ?


100% Pure Whey

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